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Public Safety Employee Benefits Act

What is the Public Safety Employee Benefits Act?

The Public Safety Employee Benefits Act (PSEBA) is an Illinois law that provides a lifetime of employer funded insurance benefits for first responders and officers that are injured or killed in the line-of-duty.

Family Coverage

Spouces and children are also entitled to a lifetime of employer funded insurance coverage. (Children are covered until the end of their 25th year of age if the child is either a dependent, part-time or full-time student.)

Above & Beyond

The Public Safery Employee Benefits Act is insurance that goes above and beyond what is commonly provided to first responders.

Covers Catastrophic Injuries

 A catastophic injury is a debilitating injury that prevents someone from performing routine functions and/or gaining employment.

The Public Safety Employee Benefits Act (820 ILCS 320/1) is an Illinois law which provides for the payment of the full premium of an employer’s health insurance plan for any firefighter or police officer who suffers a catastrophic injury or is killed in the line of duty.  This benefit is also provided for the injured or deceased employee’s spouse and any dependent children. 

The Supreme Court has also held that it “irrefutable” that if an employee wins a line-of-duty disability pension, then he/she has suffered a catastrophic injury as a matter of law for purposes of qualifying for PSEBA.  Thus, these benefits are often necessarily tied into the outcome of an applicant’s claim for a disability pension.  For this reason, it is incredibly important that you consult with a knowledgeable attorney who is experienced in handling all of these types of claims in order to protect your interests and fully advocate on your behalf.

Employee Benefits For Catastrophic Injuries & Death Claims

 This benefit is also provided for the injured or deceased employee’s spouse and any dependent children.  In order to qualify, the catastrophic injury must have occurred under one of the following circumstances:

  1. the officer’s response to fresh pursuit;
  2. the officer or firefighter’s response to what is reasonably believed to be an emergency;
  3. an unlawful act perpetrated by another;
  4. during the investigation of a criminal act;
  5. training exercises may qualify as an emergency situation.

How We Can Help

There are multiple and overlapping laws which all provide unique benefits and all carry different requirements. It is extremely important for an injured police officer, firefighter or paramedic to consult with a knowledgeable and experienced attorney. This attorney is to understand each law in order to maximize the potential benefits which the laws provide. If you have become injured and you believe it may be related to your job duties, you should contact attorney Brent Eames for a free consultation.

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