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Public Employee Disability Act

What is the Public Employee Disability Act?

The Public Employee Disability Act (PEDA) is an Illinois law which provides financial protection for firefighters and police officers who suffer the misfortune of being injured in the line of duty.

Paid Disability

First responders who qualify for benefits under Public Employee Disability Act are entitled to receive their full salary. Therefore, officers and firefighter are paid for the duration of their disability. This payment can be a total of 52 weeks.

Secured Pension

Police officers and firefighters under PEDA will continue to accrue service credits in their employee pension fund. 

Continued Benefits

Injured first responders who remain disabled from their duties after the paid disibility is over, are entitled to recive TTD. Temporary Total Disibility (TTD) benefits are covered under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act.

PEDA is an Illinois law which provides financial protection for firefighters and police officers who suffer the misfortune of being injured in the line of duty.

Pursuant to the Public Employee Disability Act, which is codified under 5 ILCS 345/1 et seq.

Any eligible employee who suffers any injury in the line of duty which causes him/her to be unable to perform their duties shall continue to be paid full salary with no deduction from sick leave credits, compensatory time for overtime accumulations or vacation, and service credits in a public employee pension fund during the time he/she is unable to perform their duties due to the result of the injury.

These benefits last for one full year. Similarly, the injured employee is entitled to full salary, benefits pursuant to PEDA are considered disability benefits and not salary. As a result, pursuant to Internal Revenue Code, such disability payments should not be considered taxable income.

Disability Act Benefits

These benefits are provided to any full-time police officer or firefighter who is employed by the State of Illinois. In addition, the Public Employee Disability Act also includes any unit of local government, any State supported college or university, and any other public entity granted the power to employ persons for such purposes by law.

However, the PEDA explicitly excludes any employees of home rule unit with a population of over 1,000,000. This would exclude any police officers and firefighters employed by the City of Chicago.

PEDA is just one of several important laws which injured first responders should consider after suffering a work-related injury. Due to the complexity involved, it is extremely important to contact a knowledgeable and experienced attorney to maximize your potential benefits.

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